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The need to hire an accounting firm

An accounting firm (despacho contable)

An accounting firm (despacho contable) is a firm that specializes in the delivery of accounting services to you or any other prospective client. This in other words means that an accounting firm is a firm that was established to deliver services such as the auditing of the accounts of your firm, the payroll of your firm, the accounts payable and receivable of your firm, the taxes of your firm and at most times advisory services with regards to the accounts of your firm.

An accounting firm will always render their accounting services in such a professional way that will make you pleased to have hired them and this they can do most times better than an accountant that will be hired by your firm because the firm is mostly a firm with a team of professional accountants.

When do you really need to hire an accounting firm? This might be the question that might be running through your mind. You actually need to hire an accounting firm from the very first moment that you have had your company formed. This answer might come as a surprise to you but the truth of the whole matter is that you will need to hire an accounting firm as early as you can to enable you get all the right and proper financial advice that you need in the formation of your firm. There will always be issues that relate to your finance when you are establishing your firm and this is part of the services that are rendered by an accounting firm – advisory services relating to the accounts or finance of your firm.

Why do I really need to hire an accounting firm?

This is another question that you will want answered as the answer to this question will help you decide on whether you really need to hire the services of an accounting firm. These are some of the reasons why you will need to hire the services of an accounting firm:

1. The cost implication: there is the fact that you will be saving your firm some good money when you hire the services of an accounting firm instead of just hiring an accountant on a full time basis. You will be able to save your firm the cost of having to take care of the salary and some other benefits like the health allowance of a full time accountant in your firm.

2. Professionalism: the professional way in which an accounting firm will handle the accounts of your firm is yet another good reason why you need to hire them. The accounting firm is usually made up of a team of professional accountants that will help take care of the accounts of your firm as against just one accountant that you may decide to hire in your firm.

3. Time: it will save you the time spent in trying to balance the accounts of your firm even if you have the help of an accounting software. When the accounting (contabilidad)firm is taking care of the accounts for your firm, you will be able to concentrate in seeing to the smooth running of your firm. Hiring an accounting firm at the beginning of your company formation is the best for the financial aspect of your business. Hire an accounting firm now and see to the financial well being of your company.

Tips for Hiring an Accounting Firm

Tax laws are twisted and tweaked every year, leaving most citizens perplexed when confronted with financial decision-making scenarios such as claiming a home office tax deduction or selling investment property. An accounting firm stays updated on such fresh tax laws. Whether you require weekly payroll management or just strong tax advice, accounting firms will be up to the task. If you don’t have an in-house accounting firm, hiring a third-party accounting company is vital to ensuring efficient and accurate accounts. The following are some tips for hiring an accounting firm.

Accountant Firm

Registered Firm

Before anything else, make sure the firm you are hiring has the proper registration for conducting business and offering services. Such companies are most likely to hire highly skilled and qualified staff for working with multiple accounts. A firm with the right staff and essential licenses provides the confidence your accounts would be properly handled.

Company Track Record and Experience

Know how long the firm has been in business. Here, your objective is to determine the company you’re choosing for valuable inputs and guidance has the required experience. You may find this out by directly interacting with company representatives or carrying out a background check online. The website of the firm may also reveal plenty about the firm. In fact, on the website, you’ll have unrestricted access to all the necessary information about the services of the firm. Therefore, when seeking information about a specific firm, its website is the perfect place to begin the search.

Know Your Requirements

Have a clear idea of what you would like the accounting firm to do. In other words, be clear of the kind of service(s) you require: bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, business consulting, etc. Being sure of your needs means finding the right firm will become easier since you’ll be narrowing out your options.

Narrow Down Selection

This point is pretty much an extension of the previous tip. Generally, the accounting firm you end up hiring could have varying levels of experience, in terms of the industry and specific businesses.

You could hire a company that provides consulting services to many companies, or functions as a smaller firm or larger accounting practice. If you are on a shoestring budget, a smaller firm or a consulting-focused accounting firm will be ideal. Besides being affordable, their services are much more personal or one-to-one.


Referrals from a contact or colleague is a much easier and quicker way to find the right firm. Get in touch with people in your industry or related sectors for a few leads. As always, consider your budgets, requirements, and the company’s offerings before signing up for a preliminary meeting.

Interaction Phase

Once you’ve zeroed in on a particular firm, ask some questions, similar to how you would when hiring an employee. Your questions should revolve around the firm’s accounting software, software setup, hourly rates, customer or business references, onsite work facilities, industry specializations, etc.

Ultimately, your goal is to locate an accounting firm you could trust and have a long-term business relationship with. Therefore, spend the maximum possible time on researching your options and to learn more about the industry, in general.